Motorcycle Reviews: Naza Blade 250R New Killer Look

I was told the new killer look of Naza Blade 250R is going to shake the market and the making of this review is super exciting for me. The first impression of this bike that it has big engine muscle power like their 600c superbike models.

The mean and lean killer looking machine that I am referring to is none other than the new and latest Naza Blade 250R which have the looks of a much powerful bike. I am amazed that Naza able to produce this sleek and modern looking 250cc motorcycle.

Powered by a strong 249 cc two-cyclinder, V-twin DOHC eight-valve engine. As the Blade 250R being a V-twin, it will give you more low range torque as compared to an inline-fours engineered engine. This in turn carries more usable power for the street without the need to rev to red line in order for you to feel the power. For a newbie as a rider, this would be the ideal engine configuration, not to mention very practical as well.

Appear as a cross between a Ducati, a Honda VFR and a Suzuki GSXR breeds this machine as one of the most styling type here. The modern styling as I observed is not only limited to the bodywork but the instrument cluster is also full of modern equipment. What I am amazed here for this Naza Blade 250R is apart from being a 250cc motorcycle, it comes with a Digital Speedometer, though I think the analogue tachometer is still way much easier to read.

When come to the headlight of this motorcycle, I can reminiscent of the recent Ducati street bikes with its vertical lined bulb. The Blade 250R is from my point of view is definitely a moden looking bike.

Ever wondered how this Naza Blade 250R come about? It is based on the Hyosung Comet 250R and it has indeed proven and established itself in the real world. Should you be asking about the availability of Naza Blade 250R spare parts, rest assured that they are easily accessible as the production line is in Naza Bikes factory in Shah Alam and for servicing requirements, they can be done at Naza's chain of dealership. Good news is, Naza Blade 250R is now available is now on offer for RM 17,800 (OTR).

Article contributed by: The Bike Observer

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